Under Construction

UNKA is a place in frosty Budapest, Hungary, that currently has 1 tiny desk, 6 stackable chairs and 1 pile of rubbish in the middle.

Later this year, it will also have a few more desks, a comfy couch, a kitchen with good coffee, and maybe some plants 🌱 and stuff, and thus it will turn into a place where you can come and work for a few hours 👩‍💻, check your emails in peace 💌, have that call in silence ☎, go through the photos you took 📸, get some writing done 📝, draw something 🦒, attend a workshop 🍿, organize a workshop 👩‍🏫, learn something 🎓, drink plenty of water 🚰, and refill your coffee ☕️.

If you could see yourself doing any of that here, and we will reach out when we get closer to opening: