has these
Coworking Packages

Half day

2500 HUF

< 5 hours

Full day

4500 HUF

>= 5 hours

We currently have 2 coworking packages: 🥝Half day and 🍏Full day. These packages are based on the amount of time you spend at UNKA and we measure this time from the point you first 🚪 entered the place to the point you last left 👋 it on the given day.

Our regular opening hours start at 10am and end at 7pm on weekdays. During "closed beta" mode, we are only open for bookings by our current members.

You can also rent the full space on weekends for your events 🎤, workshops 👩‍🏫, photo shoots 📸, meetups 🍿, coffee tastings ☕️, painting classes 🎨, board game parties ♟, drink-and-draws ✏️, and book club sessions 📚. We can currently host masked 😷 parties of up to 8 people. Drop us an email if you are interested!